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Readerware is the tool for book lovers, collectors, researchers, anyone who has to catalog and maintain a library. Easy to use yet powerful enough to manage the largest collections. Readerware is a book lovers dream come true.


It includes:
Auto-Catalog - Readerware can search the internet and automatically catalog the books you own.

There is no simpler way of cataloging your library. It eliminates the chore of manual data entry.
Cover art support - Readerware can automatically extract cover art from web sites and add the images to your database.

You can also scan in your own images.
Bar code reader support - Literally catalog a book at the swipe of a bar code wand.

Includes support for the CueCat® barcode reader
New Wizards - Easy to use Wizards will guide you step by step through Readerware Auto-Catalog, import and export.
A powerful SQL database to store and track your library - It can store thousands of titles. Comes all set up for building and maintaining your library, easily add your own fields.
User friendly database searches - Search on virtually any field. No database knowledge needed! Simple browse mode.
Palm version available - Take your database with you, the perfect companion for trips to your favorite bookstores
Browser included! - Catalog your collection as you surf the web, see a book you like?
Click on import, it's cataloged. Even place an order, safely and securely from within Readerware.

New Views - Pick from three different, fully customizable, view types; the table view with built in editing and unique link cells for easy searches, the tree or explorer view, and the revolutionary fish eye view. Create as many views as you want.

Support for multiple databases - Create as many databases as you want or store everything in a single database.

New Integrated Backup - Create a single zip file with all your data, including images, for easy archiving and restoration.
New Client/Server edition - Let multiple users access your database with the new Readerware Client/Server edition, distribute Readerware across your network.

Fully integrated shopping cart with price comparison - Secure online ordering, browsing and searching of all the major online retailers around the world. Support for 128 bit encryption Compare prices before you buy.

Built in access to the ultimate reference sources - The Library of Congress and The British Library are fully accessible from within Readerware.
Powerful import/export capabilities - Export all or parts of a Readerware database to common file formats. Use Readerware auto-catalog capabilities to provide data for other applications. Migrate your existing data from other applications Online publishing - Publish all or parts of your catalog on the internet.

Easy yet powerful reporting - Produce hard copy listings of your library.

Simple drag and drop field selection and ordering.

Easy to use - Fully configurable operation with multiple look and feels. Plus new skin support!

Full mouse and keyboard navigation.

Support for multiple platforms - Take Readerware and your database to your platform of choice.

Full online help, indexed and searchable.


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Size: 30.1MB

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