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(October 2006)WinFast Capture v1.0


WinFast Capture
WinFast Capture is a powerful screen capture for windows. It can capture screen regions, freehand drawn, windows object  (menu/control/scroll), images/flash animation from web pages, and pick the color on the screen.

WinFast Capture can output to clipboard, files(jpg/gif/bmp/png/pcx/tga/ico/emf/wmf/tif) and image edit...

WinFast Capture Quick Reference Guide
Starting WinFast Capture
Double click on the WinFast Capture desktop shortcut. then WinFast Capture will appear in your system tray.

Capturing Screen images
There are Four ways you can use WinFastCapture to copy an image from your screen:

Capture a Region - Click and drag to highlight any rectangular(Rectangle/Elliptic/FreeHand) area of the screen, then release to capture...

Capture a Window or an Object - Dynamically captures a window or part of a window. mostly sort is windows object/ Auto Scroll / Menu time-lapse...

Capture the Foreground Window - Capture the Foreground visible window screen area whith on click.

Capture the Full Screen - Captures the entire visible screen area with one click.

Capturing a Color
WinFast Capture allows you to capture the color values for any area on your screen. View the numeric color value by click your mouse in an area. The color values is the HTML(Dec/ Hex/ Delphi/ HTML) colors...

Capturing Images or Flash on the web page
WinFast Capture allows you to input the web address, then download these Image/Flash files from that web page...

Setting Properties Opitons
You can activate this screen in one of two ways: Edit Images

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Size :1.5 MB

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