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» Audio Zone Trigger
Audio Zone Trigger takes live audio from any input source and enables the computer to react to it in a user-specified manner. They are filters that you put on the sound wave, they put thresholds on them, and perform the actions that you have selected when the thresholds are broken...more>>>
» Okoker All Video Splitter
Okoker All Video Splitter can help you split a large AVI, MPEG, ASF or WMV file into smaller video clips. You can extract multiple segments of any size by using the visual editing mode, or automatically have the program split AVI,WMV,ASF or MPEG files into multiple pieces of equal size. It supports large video files, even large then 2GB...more>>>


PURITY is a next generation of digital musical instrument workstation and PCM sound module software. PURITY is designed to realize and surpass the hardware musical instrument workstation perfectly on computer-based music production environments offering higher sound quality and more usability...more>>>

Media Digitalizer 2.5
Rip anything with Media Digitalizer, including cassettes and vinyl LPs. Now you can quickly and easily record to MP3, WMA, and audio CDs. You can transfer any type of sound, audio, and music, including live or Internet radio, TV, microphones, and lectures. Use your music cassettes and vinyl LPs with your new digital music players. You don't need any additional software to record.
Media Digitalizer is a simple, easy-to-use package that includes a recorder, an editor, a CD recorder, and MP3 and WMA encoders. Detailed help files and a tutorial make it easy. The trial version has no limits--you can record as much as you like and experience all the features at your own pace. Version 2.5 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
[size: 3.78 KB ] [ download ] [trial version] [publisher]
Music Label 2006 12.0.1
Music Label 2006 organizes your music collection. The track information on your CDs is indexed automatically, using the online CDDB music database. Images of your CD covers are retrieved from Music Label helps the DJ create playlists and tracklists. Music collectors can get detailed reports and statistics on their collections and track loan and insurance issues. Traditional media, such as CDs and vinyl albums, as well as digital-media formats, such as MP3, WMA, APE, and Ogg Vorbis, are supported.
Version 12.0.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
[size: 5.6 MB ] [ download ] [trial version] [producer]
Abee Mp3 Duplicates Finder 1.7
The purpose of this program is to find all mp3 duplicates on your computer and remove useless files from your hard drive. As this program performs just this single task it copes with it much better than other more universal programs.
Unlike the other programs for duplicate files search, our program works only with mp3 files. This allows using specific methods for duplicates detection. While most of duplicates finders use such criteria as file size and file name, our program uses the artist name and title of the composition from ID3 tag for comparison. If the mp3 file doesn't have filled tags, the program tries to determine such information from mp3 file name. This program can find either mp3 files with completely equal tags or with similar but not exactly equal tags. You can have a lot remixes and variations of any song or any song can be performed by various artists. This program will help you detect all these mp3 files and decide what you want to do with them - leave, delete or move to another place.
[size: 1.23 MB ] [ download ] [freeware] [publisher]
iTunes for Windows 6.0.2
iTunes, the award-winning digital-jukebox software, is now available for Mac and Windows. The iTunes Music Store offers Windows users the same online music store as Mac users, with the same music catalog, the same personal-use rights, and the same 99-cents-per-song pricing. With music from all five major music companies and more than 600 independent labels, the iTunes Music Store catalog now offers more than 1,000,000 songs. Features include a free download with no hidden charges for extra features, MP3 and pristine-quality AAC-encoding from audio CDs, smart playlists, more than 250 free Internet radio stations, and the ability to burn custom playlists to CDs and MP3 CDs, to burn content to DVDs to back up an entire music collection, and to share music via Rendezvous over any network, cross-platform.
This version introduces 2,000 music videos at the iTunes Music Store to go with the new iPods.
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AudioManage Audio Library 1.20h
Make Windows understand music: AudioManage is a music-aware virtual filesystem for Windows. It adds a unicode MP3 tag editor and music organizer to any Windows program. It can handle ID3, Vorbis, WM, APE, Vorbis and files like MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, FLAC, MAC, AAC, M3U, WPL. It's virtual folders views can be browsed in any Windows application--no need to run any separate program to use the library--even right in the Windows File-Open dialog box.
AudioManage fully supports Unicode, not just in tags, but also in it's filenames. You can also update album cover and track information from web sources (amazon, freedb), without any typing. Find and remove duplicates based on name or audio data. The built-in search engine can not only find files in a flash, but also store your query as a folder for later use. Playlists can be created with a single click, or drag and drop. All management including burn to CD can be with drag and drop. Version 1.20h adds support for more file formats and players.
[size: 1.79 MB ] [ download ] [trial version] [producer]


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