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(December 2006)


MemoriesOnTV allows you to create a video CD or DVD with visual effects and music from your digital photos and video clips. MemoriesOnTV has true DVD authoring; the created video can be burnt onto CD-R(W) or DVD+-R(W) using the built-in burner software, and then played on a TV via standard DVD players. You can also play the CD/DVD on a PC with a software DVD player installed. You can add text to your pictures, organize them into multiple albums (or sub albums), pan zoom them, and create a menu to navigate your albums.

The original pictures/videos can also be stored on the same CD/DVD, so you can access them for printing at any time. The most versatile photo slideshow software has just gotten BETTER! Introducing MemoriesOnTV 3.1 (changes).

Packed with new time-saving features, you can create your slideshow with even less work. Stop LEARNING a software; start CREATING slideshows!

During installation, you will be prompted to install either the PRO or HOME edition.
There is no time limit to the DEMO download. All photo slideshows created with the DEMO will bear a watermark, until you purchase a serial number to register the software.
If you have an existing MemoriesOnTV 2.X installation, version 3 will NOT affect your existing setup. It will be installed to a different folder by default.

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Size: 5.9 MB

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