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(October 2006)


Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP
Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP is an advanced configuration utility, which purpose is to emulate RS232 serial ports connected via virtual null-modem cable using Virtual Serial Ports Driver, which can be easily included in your own software providing simple and robust way to create and configure virtual serial ports directly from your application (if you purchase OEM version only). In other words, with VSPD XP you can create any number of pure virtual serial ports in your system connected into pairs via virtual null-modem cable without having real serial ports occupied.
Virtual Serial Ports appear to operating system or any Windows application as "standard" hardware serial ports. Virtual serial ports created by VSPD XP work exactly the same as real ports in your system managing all signal lines and emulating baud rate. For instance, using Virtual Serial Ports Driver you can create two virtual serial ports:
COM5 and COM6 and connect two different applications to them. Everything that the first application sends to COM5 will be received by the second application at COM6, and all data sent to COM6 by the second application will be received by the first one at COM5.

Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP 5.1 Features :

Full baud rate emulation (for Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003)New!
Full support of HandFlow control (Hardware/(Xon/Xoff)) etc. New!
Printers can be assigned to any Virtual Serial Port (available after Windows reboot) New!
Set custom signal lines wiring(custom pinout)(for Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003)New!
Set/unset line connection break (for Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003)New!
Get complete information about current virtual serial port state (current state, sent/received bytes, Baudrate/ControlLine/HandFlaw state etc.) (for Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003)New!
Automatic port creating during system boot (prior to user login)New!
"Hot" installation - no reboot required after installation, creation or reconfiguration of virtual serial ports
You can create as many virtual port pairs as you want
You can control virtual serial ports directly from your own application using Dynamic Link Library supplied with VSPD XP
Virtual Serial Ports are absolutely the same copies of real ones - other applications will never see the difference between real serial port and virtual serial port. You can manage different signal lines (DTR/DSR/CTS/RTS/DCD/RI).
Real serial ports are not occupied (actually, you can even have no real serial ports in your system and work with virtual ones)
Link between virtual serial ports is much faster than real null-modem cable connection and solely depends on your processor speed. Average transfer speed is about 35-40 Kbytes/sec VSPD XP uses advanced Windows kernel driver technology (supporting WDM, WMI, Power Management, PnP, etc.)
Virtual link is much more reliable than common physical link
Virtual Serial Port may have any name you like
Virtual Serial Port can have the same name as real serial port (virtual serial port overlapping). Application may connect to real port through virtual one and vise versa. This may result in may additional ways of VSPD XP utilization
User friendly GUI and on-the-fly help. It is very easy to configure virtual serial ports pair!

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