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(August 2007)  



ChatStat Instant Messenger lets you to add live chat and statistical tracking services to your Web site.

ChatStat is a live chat, instant messenger, and web traffic analysis program. Chatstat delivers direct 2-way conversation with your website's visitors and instant messaging through AIM, YAHOO, MSN, Skype, Jabber, and Googletalk!

Let customers request that you contact them by phone or instant messenger. ChatStat has integrated support for AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, Jabber, Skype, and ICQ! Additionally, you can integrate your Skype account with ChatStat so that you can call back customers who need help.

Features :

Live Chat

The ability to conduct live chat with both website visitors and any of the supported IM clients (AOL, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, and Skype) using a familiar instant messenger interface. ChatStat FREE comes with completely unlimited live chat for two operator seats, and if you want to support live chat across multiple sites, just enable the
Feature on Demand!

MovingGraph™ Site Statistics

Includes zoom, scroll, pan, extrapolate, and explore modes. Our new graphing system will blow you away! You can instantly view vast amounts of data in a graph that updates 30 times per second. Using the left and right mouse buttons you can zoom in and out, and dragging your mouse outside of the graph area allows you to quickly pan left and right. Our unique interactive drag and drop time span selector bar is also far better than the clunky calendars our competitors use. Over 40 high speed MovingGraph™ Graphs for Site Statistics can tell you just about everything you would ever want to know about your website traffic. It will tell you were your traffic is coming from, how long they stayed, what path they took through your site, what page they left and much more! There is also a complete set of graphs to help you with search engines.

Rapid Streaming of Pre-Crunched Data Directly to Your PC

Our motion graphing system is made possible by our unique data streaming technology that stores all of your website and chat statistics information on your own local hard drive, making it instantly available. As your sites traffic information arrives at our servers, it is crunched down into summary reports that are then transmitted in real time to the ChatStat instant messenger client. This information drives real time results into both the dashboard fly-out and the MovingGraph™ system. Internet access is not needed to view stats. Take them with you on your notebook and go.

Direct Support for all Major Instant Messenger Clients
ChatStat supports AIM, ICQ, YAHOO, MSN, GoogleTalk, and Skype. Because ChatStat directly supports all of these major instant messenger mediums, it means that you do not have to have multiple IM clients open at once. By using ChatStat to connect with all of your accounts and your website visitors at the same time, only one program is needed.

Instant Loading Client Side Chat Window

If you wish to initiate a chat with a user that is browsing your website, all you must do is double click on their IP address from the main ChatStat IM Control Panel. This will launch a window on the visitor’s browser that instantly opens and ask them if they wish to receive help while they shop or browse your site. If they accept, an instant messenger like chat window opens on both sides and you can chat live with that person. You can also transfer them, direct them, see the page they are on, and you can also view all previous conversations you have had with them. ChatStat is a Pop-Up stopper compliant proactive chat system. What this means is that you do not see any annoying pop up alerts on the web visitor side.

Online Availability Control Canned Responses

This feature set allows you to quickly change from being available to not being available by a simple toggle button located on the main ChatStat IM Control Panel. Create pre-made responses to things you type all of the time. When you need it, just hit the shortcut key to paste the info.

Analog Fly-out Dashboard Panel "Right-Click" Transfer

Another new and revolutionary technology that allows the site operator to fold and unfold a drawer located on the left side of the main ChatStat IM control panel. Once open, the user is presented with several analog graphs that quickly show the overall status of the site, how many visitors are online, and what the current chat load is across all departments. A Feature On Demand allows the charts to be customized. This feature allows you to transfer any live chat from one operator to the next simply by right clicking on the user and choosing to whom you wish to transfer. This novel but simple approach is superior to the current 3 or 4 step process other programs use to achieve the same thing, a simple transfer.

Chat Buttons on Secure Pages Push Link

Our software fully supports 128-bit SSL encryptions at all times. This ensures that all conversations are private, and stay private. Furthermore, our chat icon can be placed in secured environments such as the check out area of a shopping cart, without causing an alert or error. If you type a URL into any area of the software it will automatically translate it for broadcast to an end user and open it for them. Using this system you can easily guide your customer to the product they may be asking about. As always, the customer may accept or decline the offer.

Operator to Operator Chat Customer Downloadable Chat Transcripts

This feature allows you to open live chat sessions with other operators. Customers may download and/or print a transcript of any conversation at the end.

Chat Buttons in Email Signatures Text File Log Sets of Every Conversation

By placing an HTML snippet within your email signature, readers of the mail you send can initiate a live conversation with you instead of just replying, or contact you via live chat at a later time. As conversations occur during the normal course of using live chat, our software can optionally record these to text files, neatly sorted in directories by IP or handle.

Setup Wizards Context Sensitive Help

Wizards will guide you through your initial setup and ensure that placing your code can be accomplished quickly and easily. Other wizards can help you through all parts of our system. Throughout our software you will notice a small symbol with a question mark in it. Clicking on one of these will provide you specific help for the function on that page you need assistance with.

Customizable Chat Buttons Customer Downloadable Chat Transcripts

Choose from an assortment of professionally designed live chat icons from our free library, or create your own. Customers may download and/or print a transcript of any conversation at the end.

Page Snapshot Minimized Operation with Popup Notifications

Using this tool, you can view a snapshot of the exact page the user is one at any time. You can refresh if you wish. This tool is great for providing technical assistance during a purchase. SSL pages are excluded from the Snapshot feature. As the program sits in your task bar, it can optionally alert you of a new chat request, or simply just open the chat window automatically.

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Size: 8.3MB

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