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(January 2008)

Web Photo Posting

Web Photo Posting, A tool help you get perfect JPEG photos for web use, with quality, file-size and image-size in control.
Web Photo Posting provides a friendly and easy-to-understand interface, to manage JPEG, called 'Saving Scheme'. In which, you can specify the limits of image size and file size, and leave the program to find the best settings for you, automatically and precisely. The scheme can be applied to different photos to get expectable outputting.

For users who often upload photos for sharing, a simple drag drop mode will saving them lots of time. In this mode, original big photos are dragged into a float window to start the processing. After done, simply drag the result out to any 'File Uploading' window of website to complete uploading. For advanced users, the classic batch-processing mode is provided too.

Most flexible and advanced JPEG settings and optimizing.
Support Quality adjusting and preview.
Support YCbCr 4:4:4 mode and auto-set,
EXIF including
Adaptive quanty
Optimized Huffman coding inside JPEG core.
Support accurate controlling of final file size and image size.
User can specify limits of image-size, file-size and trade-off policy between file-size and quality
Program find best trade-off point automatically.
Unique drag drop operation with automatically background processing will save your time a lot.
Support batch processing with multiple copies of different file size and dimensions. 

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Size: 1.77MB

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