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(October 2006)


Light Artist is a program that allows you to add realistic lighting effects to your photos.

With this program you can easily make your ordinary and undistinguished photos sunnier, romantic or even gloomy if you want.

You can modify the light color, add multiple light sources, change the surface qualities of the image and add various ambient illumination effects.

Using one of the image channels as the texture channel you can add 3D relief to your images. Looking through this gallery should give you the impression of what can be done with Light Artist.


Amazed by our gallery? Here is a detailed step-by-step guide that helps you reproduce the effects used to create the Light Artist Gallery.

Now you can apply any of the given effects to your own pictures within a couple of clicks. The corresponding parameters file names are given below the processed images.

The first thing you have to do is download the new version of Light Artist and the Sample Settings package and install them on your PC.

Light Artist features are as follows:
Load and save jpg,bmp
Add multiple light sources to the image
Adjust light source type and parameters
Add 3d relief to the images


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Size : 192 MB

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