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(September 2007)

3D Fish School Screensaver

Bored with your screensavers, let’s have more fun with this 3D fish screensaver from Gelisoft. This software really turns your monitor into a virtual aquarium.

Overview one of popular Aquarium Screen Savers
If you are a fish lover, check out 3D Fish Tank Screensaver. This is one of 3D Fish Screen Savers, which allows you to turn your Windows Desktop into an incredible Under Water World.

3D Aquarium Fish Screensaver features schools up to 100 Salt-water or Fresh-water fish swimming among bubbles within beautiful Underwater Backgrounds at the same time. Virtual Aquarium Screensaver allows you to choose among 3 beautiful Salt-water Fish Tank, 3 Fresh-water Aquarium or you can turn them into sea bottom. Underwater Screen Saver displays the Digital clock with time in a 12/24-hour format and calendar.

Enjoy the bubbles sound or waves sound this Fish Screen Saver emits. This Tropical Fish Screensaver allows you to choose from 5 salt-water fishes like Copperbanded Butterfly, Yellow Tang, Blue Tang, Flame Angel, Clown + Planktons + Starfish or 5 fresh-water fishes like Tiger Barb, Angel Fish, Discus, Red Oscar, and Red Platy.

You can set the number of Fishes or bubbles, customize as Fish swim their way around and change the Animated Background with very soothing Underwater effects. If you have multi-monitors, you can display 3D Aquarium Living Screensaver on them via settings of your virtual desktop. Wide screen option allows you to adjust display aspect ratio and turn your widescreen TV into Virtual Fish Tank. The program has a nice skin interface like WinAmp or Windows XP Software.

This 3D Aquarium Life Screensaver allows you to change your screen resolution to get maximum quality and performance. Every time you start the Fishtank Screensaver it is completely different, all the Fishes and bubbles are calculated every time, you never have to watch the same screen twice!

Unique features of the screen saver include:
* Up to 100 Tropical Fish can swim in the Virtual Aquarium at the same time
* 5 Salt-water Fish + Planktons + Starfish
* 5 Fresh-water Fish
* 3 Salt-water Aquarium with coral reef or sea bottom
* 3 Fresh-water Fish Tanks with underwater plants.
* Digital clock with time in a 12/24-hour format and calendar
* Quite Realistic Underwater Effects
* The Relaxing waves sound or bubbles sound

System Requirements
This Software works under Windows Vista/XP/95/98/ME/NT4/2000. It uses OpenGL and requires hardware acceleration for optimum performance.

* Windows Vista/XP/95/98/ME/NT4/2000
* OpenGL 1.1 or higher
* Processor Pentium 166
* Memory of 32 Mb RAM
* 2 Mb free disk space
* video 3-D accelerator with 4Mb of RAM

* Windows Vista/XP/95/98/ME/NT4/2000
* OpenGL 1.1 or higher
* Processor Pentium II 300
* Memory of 32 Mb RAM
* 2 Mb free disk space;
* video 3-D accelerator with 8Mb of RAM
* Stereo sound card

What is new?

3D Fish School Screen Saver v3.0 includes:
* 3 salt water backgrounds
* 3 fresh water backgrounds
* Fish and backgrounds caustic
* Underwater lights
* Starfish
* Planktons
* New style of water
* New bubbles and waves sounds

3D Fish School Screen Saver v2.0 introduces many new features and enhancements:
* 5 salt-water or 5 fresh-water fish types
* 6 underwater backgrounds
* Fishes can swim in 3 directions (left to right, right to left and both)
* Fishes now look more neat
* The waves sound has been added
* The clock with a 24/12 hour mode and a calendar
* Widescreen support has been added to choose display aspect ratio (standard 4:3 screen or 16:9 widescreen)
* New Skin-Interface
* Enabling/disabling power-saving management
* Multi-monitors support
* Show of a frame per second
* Disabling exit of the screen saver by the mouse move
* Enabling/disabling the wait sync
* Mipmap and true-color textures
* Software rendering
* Using the hardware fog for emulation of underwater depth
* Sorting transparent elements
* Password protection
100 MB of free disk space 



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