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» Sony's three new models of retractable headphones

(February 2007)


Sony just loosed a bevy a new headsets in Japan. The ¥3,098 ($26) MDR-LE30LW comes in the additional colors of blue, white, and black and offers a double-retraction system for both the headphones and audio player cable. You'll be the envy of the janitorial boys when slung from your beltloop along side your keys.

Sony Headphones

Also on the retractable tip come the 16.5-mm thin, 38-gram model MDR-Q38LW (¥2,468 / $20) and 43-gram model MDR-Q68LW (¥3,675 / $30) headphones. They offer 104dB/mW with 20Hz to 24kHz range or 108dB/mW with a slightly wider range of 16Hz to 24kHz, respectively. Like the MDR-LE30LW, the MDR-Q68LW offers double-cable retraction at the push of single button.


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