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(August 2006)

Samsung Electronics today launched its new behemoth of a model in Sens G10 notebook. Samsung claim its a replacement of the desktop. Lets check out if it really is a replacement for your desktop. Well, the notebook is powered by a an AMD Semptron processor and comes with a whopping 200GB SATA (serial Advanced Technology Attachment) HDD running at 7200rpm.

The notebook features a 17 inch LCD screen with a 700:1 contrast ratio and 300(cd/m2) brightness. The response time of 6ms ensures your precious eyes remain perfectly in tact without much strain. The graphics is powered by a GeForce Go 6100 Video card. Also the most striking thing is that it makes use of an AC adapter instead of battery unlike most other notebooks in the market. But the disappointing thing is that for a laptop claiming as a desktop replacement, it does not get a Duo-core processor. No word on the pricing and availability as yet, but the notebook seems to be a Korea only product for now.

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