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(December 2007)

Asus Eee PC

The Asus Eee PC, a popular ultraportable notebook computer, has been reviewed recently by Laptoping, Laptop Magazine, NotebookReview, TrustedReviews, PC Magazine, and CNet. According to the reviews, the Eee PC is a good and affordable solution for basic computing purposes.

Currently, there are three Asus Eee PC models available in the United States: the white and black Eee PC 4G models priced at $400, as well as the Eee PC 4G Surf version in white color for $350. These compact and light sub-notebooks weigh two pounds and feature 7-inch displays with a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. The laptops have the Intel Celeron M processor at 900MHz and 910GML chipset with the GMA 900 integrated graphics, 512MB of system memory, 4GB of storage capacity, a built-in 802.11b/g wireless module, an Ethernet LAN connection, a web camera, three USB ports, a VGA output, and a media card reader.

Unlike the Eee PC 4G, the 4G Surf has no built-in webcam. The Surf model provides a battery life of up to 2.8 hours, which is shorter than 3.5 hours in the Asus Eee PC 4G.

The laptop uses a Linux-based user interface, that offers six simple options: Internet, Work, Learn, Play, Settings, and Favorites. The system features a lot of free software, including the Firefox web browser, Skype, an instant messenger, the OpenOffice 2.0, a media player application, the Photo Manager, and various games.

According to Laptop Magazine, the Eee PC with its streamlined, tab-based interface should appeal to kids and grandparents alike. Although it has a diagonal of just 7-inch, the Eee PC’s display is claimed to be “pretty easy on the eyes”, especially when compared with 5-inch and 5.6-inch Ultra-Mobile PCs. Laptop Magazine says the downsides are a lack of drivers for the webcam and no mobile broadband support. Also, it is not easy to find and load new applications.

NotebookReview reports the Asus Eee PC is a small and light, easy to use laptop, which is reasonably well built and durable. It has a low price for an ultra-portable notebook and “works right out of the box”. On the other side, it is little expensive for a notebook with only 4 GB of storage and its plastic chassis looks cheap. In addition, a lack of Microsoft Windows pre-installed is a negative for some buyers.

TrustedReviews concluded the Asus Eee PC is “refreshingly innovative and scandalously cheap”.
Asus Eee PC Pink
“A great keyboard makes working on it surprisingly easy, while media playback adds a little extra to the package. Internet browsing is also a key component and though the low resolution screen lets it down somewhat, at this price it would be churlish to penalise it too greatly,” TrustedReviews says.

PC Magazine reports the Eee PC is an “amazing bargain”, while it is designed like a high-end laptop. Its “Pros” are the integrated webcam (Eee PC 4G model), three USB ports, good speakers, and the speedy and solid Xandros Linux operating system with comprehensive selection of software. The notebook’s “Cons” are a limited storage capacity and cramped keyboard. Also, it is not powerful enough to stream audio and video from an external optical drive accordingly.

CNet points out that the Eee PC’s solid-state hard drive is fast and efficient and that the laptop has a low screen resolution for comfortable work.

“For less than $400, the Asus Eee PC 4G offers an impressive package for portable Web surfing and basic productivity, as long as you keep expectations tempered. The incredibly approachable price outweighs any shortcomings; it’s a near perfect choice for a highly portable second or backup laptop,” CNet reports.

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