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» Gatech’s 5-Speed Rocket EngineGatech’s Rocket Engine

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a new prototype engine that allows satellites to take off with less fuel, opening the door for deep space missions, lower launch costs and more payload in orbit. The efficient satellite engine uses up to 40 percent less fuel by running on solar power while in space and by fine-tuning exhaust velocity...more>>>



» LG KE770 Shine Metal PhoneLG KE770 Shine

The LG KE770 portrays a slim design where all the unnecessary parting lines are eliminated, creating a premium digital camera look. Pursued the sense of luxury image with the application of stainless steel body. Its steel casing with blue lighting portrays a sleek appearance. When the phone is off, the display panel can conveniently be used as a mirror...more>>>



» Mustek DV700TZ and DV530TZ CamcordersMustek DV530TZ

The new Mustek DV700TZ and DV530TZ camcorders are simple to use as point-and-shoot cameras. These new camcorders are designed to be very compact and portable with multi functions such as built-in digital still camera, digital voice recorder, MP3 player and webcam. The DV700TZ features 3X optical and 8X digital zoom with 7.0 megapixels CCD sensors...more>>>



» Siren DP100 Digital Audio Player Siren DP100

Here’s Siren new released DP100, a digital audio player. It comes with an OLED display and featuring 2GB of memory. It measures 70×27x17mm and weighs at only 28 grams. It’s available in three colors like above, the white, silver and orange...more>>>



» Estari DC15 with Dual screen and Dual CoreEstari DC15

Study after study shows the efficiency of using two monitors on the desktop, so Estari’s announcement that it has upgraded its 2-VU dual-screen mobile computer is worth looking into as it offers the same efficiencies in a mobile environment. Estari’s 2-VU dual-screen computers are two touch screen, full-page, full-color...more>>>



» Canon PIXMA iP90v Photo PrinterCanon PIXMA iP90v

Canon announced its new portable PIXMA iP90v Photo Printer. The mobile, sleek and stylish Canon PIXMA iP90v provides photo and document printing via USB port, as well as via IrDa and optional Bluetooth connections with laptop or even cell phone. The PIXMA iP90v enables black and white printing with speed of up to 16 pages per minute...more>>>



» Shimano Coasting Gear System

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve rode a bike, and any desire to do so now would be complicated by not actually having one any more. The cash-injected biking industry does me no favors when it comes to choosing one, either, with all manner of complicated variations in gears, brakes and chassis...more>>>



» Panasonic HDC-DX1 With New 3CCDPanasonic HDC-DX1

Panasonic is introducing new astonishing High Definition 3CCD video camera with the Panasonic HDC-DX1. Their efforts of the HDC-DX1 are to keep up with the growing popularity of High-Definition video and to provide crisp, clear image quality. This camcorder is on tough, compact which is one of the world’s smallest and lightest 3CCD HD video cameras available...more>>>



» Kia reveals ex_cee'd cabrio conceptKia ex_cee'd cabrio

Kia will debut the all-new ex_cee’d cabrio concept at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, where it’ll join the cee’d wagon and hybrid Rio production models on the Korean automaker’s stand. Penned by Kia’s new Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, the ex_cee’d hints at a possible future styling direction for the budget brand...more>>>



» FujiFilm FinePix S5700/S700 Digital CameraFujiFilm FinePix S5700/S700

FujiFilm shows at the PMA 2007 the S5700 (also known as S700) digital camera. The FinePix S5700/S700 has a 7.1 Megapixel CCD image sensor, 10x optical zoom, ISO sensitivity up to 1600, a 2.5-inch LCD display. It can record movie in 640×480 resolution at 30fps. The FinePix S5700 has 27MB internal memory...more>>>



» Masquerade Loudspeakers, customizableMasquerade Loudspeakers

While we don’t necessarily agree that children should be seen and not heard, we definitely agree that technology in the form of speaker systems is best heard and not necessarily seen. There are some, whose tastes and wallet will extend to the extraordinarily beautiful speaker systems from Bose, Bang & Olufsen et al...more>>>


» Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPHCanon PowerShot SD1000

Canon announced the new PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPH digital camera which is the US version of the IXY Digital 10. The PowerShot SD1000 has a 7.1 Megapixel CCD image sensor, DIGIC image processor and 3x optical zoom. Other features include a 2.5-inch LCD screen, ISO up to 1600, Face Catch Technology, PictBridge support...more>>>


» Sharp SH903iTV Mobile PhoneSharp SH903iTV

Sharp Japan has launched a cute mobile phone in Japan compatible with the terrestrial digital broadcast service. With this mobile you can enjoy audio of your favorite TV shows, sports commentary etc while driving. You can select three different type of picture quality- standard, dynamic and movie when viewing...more>>>


» Nokia 5300 XpressMusic PhoneNokia 5300

Released for T-Mobile, the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic can hold over 100 albums worth of music (approximately 1500 tracks) on a 2 GB microSD card. Thanks to dedicated music keys, consumers can control the playback of their music while simultaneously enjoying other functions such as texting, browsing or taking pictures...more>>>



» Canon PowerShot TX1 High Definition Hybrid DynamoCanon PowerShot TX1

Canon announced the new PowerShot TX1 HD camcorder , which will emerge as the most impressive hybrid camera at its price point. The palm-sized, vertical profile camera shoots 7.1MP still photos and records HD video in 720p widescreen (16:9) at 30fps. Add to all that a 10X optical zoom, images stabilization, a 115K-pixel LCD display...more>>>



» Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM LensCanon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens

A new Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Lens succeeds the versatile Canon EF16-35mm f/2.8L USM Lens as a high-performance L-series wide-angle zoom lens, specifically designed for improved peripheral image quality. Compatible with all Canon EOS SLRs past and present, it uses three high-precision spherical lens elements...more>>>



» Pentax Optio A30 Compact Digital CameraPentax Optio A30

PENTAX has announced the Optio A30 to be shown at the PMA Photo Marketing Association International trade show. The Optio A30 provides speedy operation and gives outstanding high-quality photos and video capture with its many useful features. This compact lightweight camera is capable of capturing images in 10MP resolution...more>>>



» Maserati GranTurismo (GT) 2007Maserati GT

The new Maserati GranTurismo, styled by Pininfarina, makes its worldwide debut at the Geneva Motorshow. The Maserati GranTurismo is a muscular and sporty car, that can be enjoyed every day and at the same time is engaging for the driver. Its excellent handling and sportiveness makes it a point of reference in its category...more>>>



» The Samsung M55 with Core 2 Duo and Blu-RaySamsung M55

Samsung Electronics expects to launch its Vista-certified Blu-ray notebook pc 'Sens M55' in late February in Korea market. The Sens M55 has a full HD 17-inch wide WUXGA (1920×1200) LCD to play Blu-ray content and users can enjoy the HD content on a big screen via TV-out. It supports Blu-ray R/W disc as well as conventional CD and DVD R/W...more>>>



» Pantech PN810 Dual-Sliding Messenger Phone Helio/Pantech PN810

A new dual-slider with Helio branding on it was seen on the FCC web site today. Internally called the Pantech PN-810, the phone features a three-layer design. The top layer holds the main screen and function buttons. If the top is slid up, the middle layer reveals a standard number pad, and if the phone is slid sideways...more>>>



» Nikon Coolpix S200 Digital CameraNikon Coolpix S200

Nikon announced the CoolPix S200 digital camera. The Nikon CoolPix S200 features a 7.1 Megapixel CCD image sensor, 3x optical zoom, a 2.5-inch LCD display, Electronic Vibration Reduction, 20MB internal memory and a SD card slot supporting SDHC. S200 has ISO from 50 to 1000 and it can capture movies in 640×480 resolution at 30fps...more>>>



» MPMan Blade DAPMPMan

MPMan have announced their next MP3 player which boasts a skinny 7mm thick, nay thin, frame weighing just 30 grams and thus narrowly undercutting some human runway models. It is only 2GB but you'll still squeeze on 500MP3 or 100WMA tracks - around  $157...more>>>



» Raymarine brings HDTV to high seasRaymarine’s Satellite Television Antenna System

Those of you lucky enough to own a boat can now watch high definition satellite TV when you head out to sea. This marine satellite antenna system continually adjusts to point at the correct location in the skies for you to watch HD satellite programming wherever you go...more>>>


» Alcatel Elle Nº3 GlamphoneAlcatel Elle Nº3 Glamphone

Available in a variety of colors is the Elle Nº3 Glamphone from Alcatel. Pretty hip colors that stick to the flavor of the season, these phones have a base silver color that brings out the zing in them. It features a 1.3 megapixel camera, color screen and MP3 player. Accompanied with necklace with a steel charm to keep your Bluetooth headset safe, the set makes a pretty picture...more>>>


» Compaq  Presario C501NR NotebookHP-Compaq  Presario C501NR

HP Compaq Presario C501NR, another Vista Home Basic notebook PC offer for less than $500, is available at BestBuy. The 15.4-inch widescreen Presario C501NR is priced at $499.99 after $100 instant off and comes with Intel Celeron M at 1.73GHz, 512MB of main DDR2 memory, 80GB SATA hard drive and a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive...more>>>


» Sharp unveils all-in-one 7.1 theater with Blu-RaySharp BD-MPC70

Sharp Japan has announced the flagship model to its Aquos audio range the BD-MPC70 offering 7.1 channels of pure sound. The amplifier hosts a Blu-Ray player supporting BD-R/RE, DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM discs along with normal music CD's. The HDMI terminal deliver HD output which is pepped by the 1080p picture engine making it optimum for viewing on the LCD TV...more>>>



» Nikon Coolpix P5000 Digital CameraNikon Coolpix P5000

The P5000 Coolpix camera by Nikon makes digital photography fun. The 10 megapixel lens provides with image captures of stunning detail and high quality. The lens has a 305x zoom and optical VR Image stabilization. The very excellent f/2.7-5.3 lens gives you a choice of 35mm equivalent of a 24mm wide angle and a 378mm telephoto...more>>>



» Motion Computing C5 Clinical Assistant Tablet PCC5 Clinical Assistant Tablet PC
The Motion C5 Designed based on input from thousands of clinicians worldwide, the C5 brings reliable, automated patient data management directly to the point of care. Intel and Motion conducted extensive user level, ethnographic, human factors, time/motion and clinical workflow research...more>>>


» Sharp EM ONE (S01SH) UMPC PhoneSharp EM ONE (S01SH)

EM Mobile is a new mobile operator in Japan. It is going to launch the EM ONE, a PDA phone from Sharp. The EM ONE is powered by an Intel 520MHz processor, and a GoForceTM5500 chipset. The EM ONE has also a 4.1" LCD touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, WiFi, and Bluetooth...more>>>


» Toshiba Tecra A8-EZ8511, A6-EZ6411 New LaptopsToshiba Tecra A8-EZ8511

Toshiba has announced the availability of Tecra A8-EZ8511 and Tecra A6-EZ6411 budget-minded business laptops priced at $749 and $1,199 respectively. The 15.4-inch widescreen Toshiba Tecra A8-EZ8511 comes with Intel Celeron M 430 processor at 1.73GHz, 512MB SDRAM, a 60GB SATA hard drive...more>>>



» Toshiba Tecra M6-EZ6612 Mobile NotebookToshiba Tecra M6-EZ6612

Toshiba has introduced M6-EZ6612, the new thin and light mainstream-business notebook configuration in its Tecra M6 series. Weighing 4.1 pounds, Toshiba Tecra M6-EZ6612 provides 12.1-inch widescreen display, Intel Core 2 Duo processor T5600 at 1.83GHz, 1GB memory, 100GB SATA hard drive at 5400rpm and a double layer DVD burner...more>>>



» iRiver X20 PMP is finally availableiRiver X20

If you’re a fan of portable audio/video devices, you’ll be happy to know that this latest iRiver one, the X20, is coming to Japan! It comes with 2, 4 or 8GB of internal memory, a 2.2” QVGA display, a new Wheel PAD, a FM tuner, support for MicroSD, MP3 WMA and OGG files for audio, WMV and Mpeg-4 files for video, and UMS...more>>>



» General Electronics Digital CamerasGE Digital Cameras

Already one of the most trusted consumer brands in the world, GE will soon become one of the hottest names in high-quality digital still cameras. GE and corporate newcomer General Imaging Co. announced today that the two companies have reached an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement by which General Imaging will design...more>>>



» Credit Card Digital CameraCredit Card Digital Camera

If you like small compact gadgets, you might like this slim Credit Card Digital Camera. Its just a mere 5mm thin! This little digital camera has a 0.3MP resolution. Don't expect the greatest image quality, but this camera does exactly what it is intended to do. You can store 26 high-resolution images or 209 low-resolution images on its available 8MB built-in memory...more>>>



» Panasonic SDR-S10 World's Smallest CamcorderPanasonic SDR-S10

Newly announced by Panasonic is the SDR-S10, which the company claims will be the "world's smallest" digital camcorder at just 4.5 inches long and 1.2 inches thick. By building to these dimensions, Panasonic hopes that users will treat the S10 as an everyday convenience, much like a compact still camera...more>>>



» Samsung Ultra Edition 10.9 (U600) Slim SliderSamsung Ultra Edition 10.9 (U600)

Here’s a slim phone from Samsung, the U600, it’s a slider phone. At just 10.9mm, it comes with a 3.2-megapixel of camera, 2.2” LCD display screen, 60MB of internal memory, microSD slot for memory expansion and it supports MP3, ACC, eAAC+ and WMA files format. The phone is set to be released in Europe next month...more>>>



» Nokia E65 Slider PhoneNokia E65

The Nokia E65 has been designed for easy access to the most frequently used applications from the One Touch keys on the front cover. Users can make conference calls, access their contacts database, mute and unmute calls, and access an application of choice through 'My Own' key with just one push of a button...more>>>



» 2008 Toyota Scion xBToyota Scion xB
Here’s Toyota new released the 2008 Scion xB which recently launched at the Chicago Auto Show. It sports a 2.4L VVT-I engine that generates 158hp and you will choice of choosing a five-speed manual transmission or four-speed sequential automatic. It has a Pioneer audio system that features iPod connectivity, there’s a port for plugging in your iPod via connector cable...more>>>



» Samsung SGH-F520 Dual Slider PhoneSamsung SGH F520

Samsung announced the Ultra Smart F520, a 3G multimedia phone supporting HSDPA and EDGE. The Samsung F520 has a 3 Megapixel camera with Flash, a 3-inch 260k 480×272 LCD touch screen, integrated media player supporting MP3/AAC(+)/eAAC+/Real music and MPEG4/H.263/H.264/Real video formats...more>>>



» Samsung U300, Ultra Slim and Ultra StylishSamsung U300

The Samsung Ultra Edition 9.6 (U300) is a modern clamshell phone designed for the fashion conscious, ultra modern consumer that craves a unique look, but without sacrificing anything in the form of style, lightness or functionality. Samsung’s Ultra Edition 9.6 is encased entirely in metal, providing a clean and pure image...more>>>


» MiTAC Mio A510 GPS PDA PhoneMio A510

MiTAC is releasing another GPS-enabled Pocket PC Phone device. The Mio A510 phone features a 2.7" QVGA screen, WM5, 201MHz processor, digital camera, 64/128 RAM/ROM capacity, quad-band GSM, SiRFstar III GPS chip, and Bluetooth 2.0. It is lacking in 3G wireless and WiFi capabilities, but is still a pretty nifty phone...more>>>



» Saab BioPower 100 ConceptSaab BioPower 100

Saab has been a big supporter of E85 vehicles in recent years and will be taking the next step to E100 in its new Biopower 100 Concept destined for the Geneva Motor Show. The concept showcases the first production-based engine to be optimized for pure bioethanol (E100) fuel...more>>>



» Nokia E90 CommunicatorNokia E90 Communicator

The Nokia E90 Communicator is based on the S60 platform, making additional mobile applications available for its users. The E90 also has an integrated GPS and Nokia Maps application to provide help in finding routes and locating services. For increased personal convenience, the E90 is equipped with an FM radio, a music player, a video player and two cameras...more>>>



» Pioneer high-end speaker TAD Reference OneTAD-R1 (TAD Reference One)

Pioneer Corp will release a new high-end speaker TAD Reference One in early April aimed at audiophiles and professional musicians. The TAD-R1 is a 3-way speaker system developed keeping in mind TAD's speaker design philosophy of accurate sound reproduction. The new speaker uses a vibration board made with a special material unique to Pioneer...more>>>



» RIM BlackBerry 8800RIM BlackBerry 8800

The quad-band GSM/GPRS and EDGE-enabled BlackBerry 8800 offers voice and data applications, including phone, email, text messaging, web browser, organizer, multimedia and more. Through its built-in GPS, the BlackBerry 8800 can pinpoint its location and provide support for a wide variety of location based applications and services, including BlackBerry Maps...more>>>



» Dodge Demon Roadster Concept 2007Dodge Demon Roadster

The Dodge Demon concept is a compact, nimble “roadster with an attitude,” a perfect balance of classic sports car proportion and simplicity blended with modern design and performance. The vehicle will be shown for the first time at the 77th International Motor Show in Geneva next month...more>>>



» HTC P3350 Stylish and Slim PDA PhoneHTC P3350

Straight from HTC’s Q1 portfolio, three new devices are launched at 3GSM. One of which is the HTC P3350. This stylish and slim phone provides all the features consumers need and more! Multimedia features allow you to play or manage your music/video tracks and also edit and create ringtones. Users can also catch some tunes with its FM stereo tuner...more>>>



Motorola announced the stylish, high performance, high-speed Motokrzr K3 (Motokrzr maxx K3 in Asia) handset. Motokrzr K3 includes two integrated digital cameras allowing users to share their mobile experiences. An internal VGA camera enables real-time face-to-face video calls between users, while the handset’s 2MP digital camera...more>>>



» Peugeot Holland & Holland 4007Peugeot Holland & Holland 4007
A luxury styling exercise by Holland & Holland for the 4007 SUV. The pearlescent Hagénias Bronze body colour paintwork combines harmoniously with the vehicle’s chrome detailing to accentuate the exclusive nature of this 4007 by emphasising its power and feline qualities combined with the presence of its style and 'all-terrain' character...more>>>


» Samsung SGH-P110Samsung SGH-P110

The Samsung SGH-P110 may win brownie points for its trendy design and its automatic switching display. However when it comes to features, the Samsung SGH-P110 leaves much to be desired. The P110 is a paradox of sorts as on one end it has some advance features like; Full QWERTY Keyboard, Bluetooth Stereo Music Profile and Instant Messaging...more>>>



» Samsung U700 Ultra Edition 12.1 Stylish SliderSamsung U700 Ultra Edition 12.1

Samsung Electronics made its presence felt at the 3GSM 2007 by unveiling their new series, the Samsung Ultra Edition II. Built on the success of the Ultra Edition Series, expect the new series to consist of sleeker, more functional and advance handsets. First in line is the Samsung U700 Ultra Edition 12.1 which seeks to be an amalgamation of style and functionality...more>>>


» Motorola Q Q9 SmartPhone with Windows Mobile 6Motorola Q Q9

Motorola introduced today at GSM the new MOTO Q q9 Windows Mobile 6 standard SmartPhone. This phone combines the best of both work and play, bringing an innovative new design packed with powerful features. The Motorola Q q9 phone features HSDPA technology for high-speed internet, and downloading/uploading of files...more>>>

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