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(October 2006)Battle for Troy


Two massive armies stand ready and await your command!

Paris, King of Troy, has stolen the heart and soul of Helen, Queen of Sparta. Feel the wrath and fury of a king betrayed as Menelaus rages to return his queen. Now two great legions stand poised on the brink of war. May the Gods be with you as you choose sides in an alliance that will soon drown the city of Troy in a sea of blood, all for the love of a woman.

• Command King Menelaus' Greek Alliance to lay siege against
a rebellious Troy to restore the honor of their crestfallen king.

• Defend your city and your stolen queen against the
bloodthirsty onslaught of the raging Greeks.

• Immerse yourself in historic action with 2 extensive campaigns,
each with 8 challenging missions

• March your armies onward controlling 9 unit types:
spearmen, swordsmen, archers, cavalry, healers and more.

• Take your place deep inside the Trojan horse prepared to
vindicate your king's honor.

10,000 Men, Two Kings, One woman...

• Avenge your kings honor and glory in a fight to the death
as a raging warrior of the Greek Alliance.

• Raise your sword to command your Trojan army to protect
Helen and her new kingdom from the relentless Greek onslaught.

• Forge an invincible army capable of adapting to new battlefields
and new powerful weapons.


Windows® 98/Me/XP CD
Pentium® III 600MHz or 100% compatible processor
500MB free hard drive space
16MB 3D video accelerator with DirectX® 9 compliant video drivers
Sound card with DirectX 9 compliant sound drivers
4X CD-ROM drive.


Trial Period: 60 minutes gameplay
it's the full game
No Internet connection needed to play, No CD-ROM necessary
Convert to full version with no additional downloads.






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